Thursday, January 17, 2008

5,000 and Counting

Last night Just Like the Nut got it's 5,000th visitor! And that visitor was ... Jay Asher! Or at least, according to SiteMeter, it was someone from Jay's hometown who entered here by way of a comment I made on a kid lit message board about his book, so I think it was him. Jay also happens to be the first person who ever left a comment on my blog.

So, in Jay's honor, I want to direct everyone who stops by here to today's Disco Mermaids blog post, where Jay celebrates some exciting news about his book. If you're into kid lit but haven't yet read 13 Reasons Why, well, you are now officially "out of it." Jay's book is going to a second printing less than three months after its release. (Want to know what the first print run was? Check out that link!)

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Heidi Estrin said...

Hi Linda,
Here's your second comment! I've been trying to find an email address for you so I can invite you to participate in a live, call-in podcast I'll be doing on the book Ethan, Suspended. You did an interesting review of this title on your blog, so I thought you'd have some good thoughts to share in our discussion. I couldn't find an address for you, so I figured I'd reach you through your blog!

My podcast is called The Book of Life and you can check it out at It's a monthly program on Jewish books, music, film and web. On February 7, 2008, 3-4pm EST, we'll try the new experiment of doing the show live by phone! Author Pamela Ehrenberg will be the guest, and we'll take calls from listeners who want to talk about Ethan, Suspended, and about what make a book Jewish in general.

I'd love to have you call in and be a part of the discussion. There are instructions for participating on my website at

Hope to hear from you on February 7!
Heidi Estrin
Host, The Book of Life