Thursday, July 3, 2008

It's All About Me

I'm too tired right now to post anything remotely intelligent in regards to writing, but I do want to post something so that my loyal readers -- all two of you -- won't despair that I've completely fallen off the face of the earth.

So ... here's a post about "what I'm up to":

1) Very psyched to be off work for the next 10 days as I head out Sunday to (drum roll, please) Jamaica! This won't exactly be a vacation, as I'm traveling with a bunch of teens on a mission trip to work in some of the country's orphanages. But it'll certainly be exotic and no doubt will give me a new perspective on life.

2) Down two games to one in Scrabulous against the brilliant (obviously!) Tom Angleberger, a.k.a. Sam Riddleburger. But have established a lead (I dare not say "comfortable" vs. that word shark) in game four.

3) Waxing nostalgic as I prepare to see the inimitable Miss Donna Summer tomorrow night with a girlfriend at Wolf Trap. Love to Love You, Baby!

4) Excited to watch local running phenom Alan Webb run the 1500 tonight ... eyes on Beijing, Alan! Update: Woohoo!

5) Looking forward to the Maryland, Delaware and West Virginia SCBWI event later this month, where Scholastic editor Aimee Friedman will be critiquing my YA manuscript submission. Very cool.

Have a happy and safe Fourth of July weekend! Will post again after my trip!

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