Thursday, October 30, 2008

More from Rutgers

While my one-on-one session with Kendra Levin was certainly the highlight of my Rutgers experience this year, it was only a portion of the day.

My notes are sketchy at best, so if you're looking for lots of great writing advice and marketing info, please head on over to Tara Lazar's nearly exhaustive reports here. She's a posting machine!

My much more cursory overview: Presentations from K.L. Going and Kay Winters and a panel discussion on "Your Book: From Manuscript to the Book Store" offered some great insights into the industry.

And my "five-on-five" session with four editors and an agent revealed something I found quite interesting: When asked for querying advice, both Erin Molta of Scholastic Book Clubs and Grace Kendall of Blue Sky Press indicated they like to learn why the writer wrote the manuscript ... her motivations, inspirations and goals. I like that they care about that stuff. Kendra Levin was also in my five-on-five, and she recommended targeting editors that match your "literary aesthetic." I hadn't given much thought to my literary aesthetic, but I will now!


Anonymous said...

Linda, great post. Yeah, I'm kind of "nutty" when it comes to taking notes. It is interesting to hear someone else's perspective from the same conversation. I didn't recall Ms. Levin saying "literary aesthetic," but I like that very much! Now to figure out what mine is...

LindaBudz said...

Hi, Tara! We had a great table, didn't we? A little bit of everything, and Alyssa was such a good moderator.

Suzy said...


What an interesting conference! I am so glad you were able to attend - I wish I could have come too! Thanks for your great comment about "literary aesthetic." I like that!