Monday, June 29, 2009

A Fallen Hero

No, not Michael or Farrah or Ed or even Billy ... though I mourn the passing of each of them.

I'm talking about Alice Hoffman, one of my all-time favorite authors. And she's not dead, just ridiculous.

Wonder how much I'd get for my signed copies of her books on E-Bay?

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mad said...

Eesh. Thanks for this post. I do think it's frustrating how everyone IS a critic these days (see all of the anonymous comments after newspaper stories.) It's made me respect real critics all of the more (though I fear them, too, of course!!) Have been reading with mixed feelings. Great blog and great advice for writers (the underlying lesson: NOT get baited into responding to a critique, it almost always makes you look worse) but have been kind of bummed that so many of the reviews seem to come from Goodreads, which to me is where people are just sort of having conversations with friends about books. NOT the same as a real review, and elevates the quasi-anonymous friends having book discussions to the status of critic. (This would have been the perfect venue for the globe review, I think!!)