Monday, May 7, 2007

100 Words A Day

At a recent dinner, author Virginia Hartman ("A More Perfect Union: Poems and Stories About the Modern Wedding") told a group of writers about an experiment she and a friend have undertaken. Every day for one year, they have committed to writing at least 100 words and then calling each other to read their work. Every day.

My friend Heather and I liked the idea so much, we decided to try it. We figured this would be a good way to get that "butt-in-chair" time we're both so adept at avoiding.

(Our other idea was to reward ourselves with a chocolate milkshake for every hour we spent writing, but then we realized that although that would increase butt-in-chair time, it would also increase butt in chair.)

Anyway, 100 words is a small, realistic goal, and the commitment to consistency is what matters most here. I've found that because 100 words isn't daunting, it frees me up to get started, and of course, sometimes once I get started, it's easy to keep going.

What are your ideas for boosting butt-in-chair time?

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