Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I Hit the Qwikpick Jackpot!

Came home this evening to a bumpy little package on my doorstep. Huzzah! My very own Qwikpick t-shirt and signed copy of "Sock Monkey Goes to Hollywood: A Star is Bathed," by Cece Bell.

Me decked out in Qwikpick swag, enjoying the adventures of one very dirty Sock Monkey!

Many thanks to Cece and Sam Riddleburger for these fabulous gifts. You can read my review of The Qwikpick Adventure Society here and learn about my personal Qwikpick adventure here. And you can find out how to get your very own free stuff here.

Now, back to my book! I'm dying to find out whether Sock Monkey will win the Oswald for Best Supporting Toy in a Motion Picture!


elysabeth said...

isn't it nice to come home to something fun? I'd love to come home to some money but that is just me - but if I were to win a book or other goodies - I wouldn't mind either.

Congrats and wear it proud - E :)

LindaBudz said...

Hi, Elysabeth! Money, eh? Now that you mention it, I should have entered that PowerBall Jackpot since I was having such a lucky day! D'oh!

Andie K. said...

Hey, nice to see you - literally. What a fun thing to come home to!

LindaBudz said...

Andie, Yes, better than the usual bills and junk mail, by far!