Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Fun in the Sun ... or Not

Sorry the blog is so quiet this week. I'm hard at work here in paradise ... at Fantasy Springs Resort in Palm Springs. Long, tiring and very hot days, but I must say the free evenings with their desert breezes are to die for! I'll be here a few more days, so please forgive the light postings!

Am reading the funny-yet-suspenseful Alex and the Ironic Gentleman in my spare time, so you can expect a review next week.

In the meantime, a few funny Google hits this week:

  • my friend is like a rainbow
  • lie nuts
  • cow poop soccer game
  • husband pleasing wife with rubbing techniques

Er, the poor guy (gal?) searching for that last topic definitely came to the wrong blog. Or else that R rating should be changed to NC-17.


J said...

OMG, you would be close by when I'm out of town. It would have been good to me you. I live in Lake Arrowhead which is only an hour and a half drive away. I get back in town sometime late Saturday. If you're still around and would like to meet. Email me and I'll give you a number to reach me.

Rilla said...

Hey Linda,
what are you doing in my part of the world when I am half across the world? Aww....would have loved to meet you...we live only 45 mins from Palm will have to come by again. I will be back from India in early November...can I persuade you to come by then...the weather in November sure beats the east coast ;)

LindaBudz said...

Hi, J and rilla!!

These conferences just about kill me. But ... it went off beautifully, and it's over! Yea! I am chilling out today, and we fly back tomorrow.

I'm here with my husband, who also happens to be my boss. We celebrated our anniversary yesterday. We were pretty busy during the day, but we did go out last night for a terrific Thai dinner (Bangkok Five ... I highly recommend it!).

Today we are planning lots of time by the pool. Wish I could have caught up with you, J, but you probably would not have wanted to spend a whole lot of time with me in my conference-induced crazy mode anyway.

But ... for both of you ... maybe next time? I'll be in San Diego in March and will probably plan to stay a little longer for some vacation time after that conference. We'll probably head north of SD because my husband has a good friend in Orange County, so maybe we can figure something out then?

In the meantime, I'll be seeing you on your blogs! Looking forward to getting back to my regular surfing route.


J said...

San Diego, that's definitely do-able. I can't speak for Rilla, but I'm certainly available. I can probably talk her into it if I offer to drive. Let me know the dates and I will put i on my calendar.

I'm glad you were able to have a nice anniversary dinner and a rest by the pool. Thai is certainly good.

You're ack from a conference and I'm back from vacation, so back to work we go.