Sunday, June 17, 2007

Re: Me 2

Well, that first meme was so fun, I've decided to try another. In fact, I'm starting my own. (They have to start somewhere, right?)

The rules for My First Memory meme are as follows: Record your earliest memory. Everyone who reads this blog is hereby tagged. You can tag people in a similar fashion, or in whatever way you prefer. Or if you hate tagging people, you don't have to tag anyone. It's your call.

My First Memory
My earliest memory is of a trip to the Philadelphia Zoo. My sisters, who were in the first and second grades at St. Mary's Catholic School, went to the zoo for their class trip, and my mother had volunteered to accompany them as a chaperone.

When we arrived at the aquatic exhibit, one of the nuns pointed to a group of adorable little animals playing on the rocks. "How cute," she said. "Look at the seals."

As the students all gathered around to ooh and aah, Mom pulled me aside and pointed toward a group of much larger creatures. "Those are the seals," she whispered. "The little ones are otters."

A few moments later, the nun came over to us. "What are those?" she asked.

Mom explained that these were the seals, and the others were in fact otters.

I just stood there, mortified for the poor, ignorant nun.

So that's it ... my first memory is of being embarrassed for someone else. This is why I can't watch Borat for more than five minutes without hiding my face behind a pillow and squirming.


elysabeth said...

My first memory was the snow incident which I've put on my blog but not as a separate meme - but part of my tag items - E :)

LindaBudz said...

Ah, yes, grandmas. Wouldn't want to catch cold, now, would you?

Rilla said...

Can't remember what my first memory was...oops...but my second memory is of air raid sirens and sleeping under the bed and keeping the lights turned off...wait that was the nightmare I had last was a memory all look what you've started.

LindaBudz said...

Interesting! You (and Rilla) should blog on that. (Technically, you HAVE been tagged to blog on it, you know!)

Rilla said...

Oooh! We love technicalities. OK you're on. Our next blog will be about our second memory ;)