Tuesday, November 13, 2007

These Words Mean a Lot

Test your vocabulary, learn some new words and help feed the world!

Free Rice

My vocab level hovered in the 39-40 range. Frustrating how many words I recognized but then I didn't know what they meant. I need to make better use of my dictionary!


SamRiddleburger said...

That was a lot of fun!

Very tricky when both the word and the definition were obscure.

I got one that was littleneck means quahog. To get that one right you'd have to know the meaning of both of those words. (clam)

A little addictive. I got up to 910 grains. how many did you do?

LindaBudz said...

Very addictive. I cut myself off at 1,000.

And ... one of the words I got was "mendacity," which I had defined here in my last "Tools of the Trade" post, so that was funny.

Nice job with your clam answer! I would have known quahog but have never heard of a littleneck.

Katia said...

Great! Where do you find all those cool links, Linda? Anyway, I started and was in the 37-38 range, but sometimes, you get two or three difficult words and you loose lots of points, so decided to keep going until I gave 1000 grains of rice, and to stop there. 40. Pfew. I would probably have gone back to 38-39 if I had continued, though. Yep, addictive.

Katia said...

Agh, who said this was addictive? I went back. Stopped at 1300 grains of rice, but by now, I'm at 42. I'd say the more you do it, the higher you vocab level :)

Anonymous said...

Oooooooh! That is fun! :D

I got to 1100 grains and averaged around 41 or 42, though I did make it to 45 a couple of times. There's some hard words in there!


LindaBudz said...

Katia, where do I find these links? Via an unhealthy amount of surfing.

Katia and VP, glad you enjoyed it! I went back and got up to the 43-44 range for a while but eventually dropped back down to 39-40. I think to some extent it has to do with how "on" your intuition is ... I was making lots of "lucky guesses" in a row while in the higher range.